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Snake Attacks Child in Burger King Ball Pit - Fantasy or Shocking Reality?

Snake Attacks Child in Burger King Ball Pit - Fantasy or Shocking Reality?
Source: AssociatedContent

In the past several years there has been many reports of dangerous things being found in children’s ball pits. These items have included syringes, knives, human waste and half eaten candy.

As if that isn’t enough to disturb you, there’s allegations of children dying from getting poked by heroine needles found at the bottom of these pits. I have also heard a tale about a rattlesnake being found in a Burger King ball pit. But is this true? Are children actually dying from snake bites in ball pits?

Here’s the actual email that started all of the rumors (it’s really long so I took out an excerpt):
“When my oldest son who is now 9 was small the area Burger King closed their play area for awhile for "remodeling". A little boy had been playing in a ball pit & started complaining of his legs hurting. He later died. He was found to have snake bites all over his legs & buttocks. When they cleaned the ball pit they found that there was a copperhead nest in the ball pit. He had suffered numerous bites from a very poisonous snake. I wouldn't let my son play in the ball pit after that. Please send this on so that it doesn't happen to someone you know."
According to and other news-related sources, the rattle snake story is nothing but a story. Here’s the evidence to back it up:

1. Rattle Snakes prefer to avoid people. They like quiet, secluded areas. A ball pit is the furthest thing from a private area where a snake could be in peace.

2. Snakes are cold-blooded. They tend to seek out warm places during the winter and cool places during the summer. Snakes need to bask in sunlight to regulate their body temperature. The bottom of a ball pit doesn't see the light of day and thus is much too cold and damp an environment for a rattlesnake.

3. The idea of a family of rattle snakes living in a bal pit is preposterous. After giving birth, a female snake and her young do not stick together. They almost immediately separate because young snakes are capable of caring for themselves.

4. Where would all of these snakes find food? Unless this particular fast food restaurant was overrun by mice and other small creatures, you have to wonder where this snake would find a meal. Snakes are not scavenger. They will not eat old food like left over French fires or chicken tenders.

In order to combat these allegations, BURGER KING release a CORPORATION STATEMENT in
October 23, 1998 that reads:
“Burger King Corporation has learned of an e-mail being circulated on the internet that FALSELY alleges the injury and death of a child while playing in a playground ball pit resulting from a rattle snake bite.
To be positively clear, the incident outlined in the e-mail has no basis in fact relative to any Burger King? restaurants.
Burger King Corporation takes the dissemination of this false rumor very seriously and will vigorously pursue any and all remedies available to us against the originator(s) to the fullest extent allowed by law.
All questions regarding this rumor can be directed to Burger King Corporation Consumer Relations, 17777 Old Cutler Road, Miami, Florida 33157, or by calling 305-378-3535.”
So is it a hoax? It sure sounds like it. When you add up the factors, it doesn’t make much sense at all. Still, it is very important for parents to be cautious of ball pits because other previously mentioned items have been found in them.
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